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India remains world's 4th largest steel producer in 2013
India's position in world's steel production remained unchanged at the fourth slot in 2013 with an output of 81.2 million tonnes. This is despite India logging the second highest growth of 5.1 per cent among the top five producers. There was no change in the order of top three steel producing nations with China, Japan and the US retaining their slots in the respective order in 2013, the World Steel Association (WSA) data revealed on Thursday. India was the fourth largest steel maker in the previous three years as well with a total output of 77.3 MT 2012, 73.6 MT in 2011 and 69 MT in 2010. It had clinched the third spot in 2009. "World crude steel production reached 1,607 MT for 2013, up by 3.5 per cent compared to 2012. The growth came mainly from Asia and the Middle East while crude steel production in all other regions decreased in 2013 compared to 2012,"WSA said. Recording a growth of six per cent, Asia produced 1,081 MT steel in 2013. The region's share of world steel production increased slightly from 65.7 per cent in 2012 to 67.3 per cent in 2013. Country-wise, China produced 779 MT, an increase of 7.5 per cent over 2012. Its share in world crude steel production increased from 46.7 per cent in 2012 to 48.5 per cent in 2013. Japan produced 110.57 MT and South Korea 66 MT in 2013. The Middle East produced 26.3 MT steel, up by 6.8 per cent, over 24.7 MT production a year ago. "The EU recorded a decrease of 1.8 per cent compared to 2012, producing 165.6 MT of crude steel in 2013," WSA said, adding the production in North America was 119.3 MT, a dip of 1.9 per cent. The US produced 87 MT, down by two per cent over 2012. CIS countries produced 109 MT steel during the year, down 1.8 per cent. Russian production was at 69.4 MT, a decrease of 1.5 per cent over 2012. South America's production was at 46 MT, down 0.8 per cent. Source: The Economic Times : 








with collaboration, of Metallurgy dept. B. E. College, Shibpur Passed Steel Making Technology in the year 1996 with under N I S S T, established by Ministry of Steel, Govt. of India with the collaboration of Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur, Howrah, West Bengal,(presently known as B.E.S.U.).

SHORT TERM COURSE ON MODERN ELECTRIC STEEL MAKING: Participated in the short term course of modern electric steel making which is organized by Dept. of Metallurgy, B.E. College, Howrah.

WORKSHOP ON FOUNDRY TECHNOLOGY: Participated in the workshop foundry Technology which is organized by Dept. of Metallurgy and Workshop, B.E. College, Shibpur, Howrah.

INDUSTRIAL PROJECT: Study of castingdane defects and Electric Furnace Melting (Induction & E.A.F. Melting) at M/s. Nipha Steels Ltd., Serampur. Hooghly. (WB)

The steel making course with content with general metallurgy of Iron & Steel, physical metallurgy of Iron & Steel, engineering materials, heat transfer and temperature measurement, introduction to electrics & electronics, engineer drawing, thermo chemical principal of steel making, electric furnace steel making, raw materials and refractories, melting shop equipments layout and furnace operation, environment pollution control, casting of steel, secondary steel making, forging, process and quality control, industrial management, stainless steel making, mechanical testing, non-metalic inclusions, continuous casting, mechanical testing, metallurgical lab, engineering drawing, industrial project and industrial tours with technical knowledge.i) Durgapur Steel Plant (SAIL), Durgapur, West Bengal. ii) M/s. Guest Keen Williams Ltd., 97 Andul Road, Howrah. iii) M/s. Beekay Steel Industries Ltd. iv) M/s. Bharatia Electro Steel Co. Ltd. (BESCO) v) M/s. Sastik Steel & Allied Ltd.
Processing concept , reheating furnace, annealing furnace, section mill, rod, coil, TMT bars of deferent section, physical testing :- tensile testing (yield, elongation, proof test, bend test, Ar value, hardness , surface inspection. etc. Having concept of spectrometer, ultra sonic m/c, concept of chemical testing, Concept of microscopic analysis, concept of IS stander and ISO 9000:2000 quality format.

BRIGHT BAR :- Section straitening m/c, round straitening m/c, polishing m/c, bright bar making ( PEELED BAR,DRAWAN BAR), Band sow m/c, hex saw m/c, pickling , production and processing,

BLAST FURNCE- Concept of blast furnace raw material sampling size analysis of lime stone dolomite, quartzite, iron ore , coke, etc. Vibro screening coke and iron ore and third party inspection also concept of pig. , 
MARKETING :- Experience of different kind of steel and iron product marketing like TMT, Tor, Round, Hex, Flat, Bars, Chanel Angel, Coils, Bright bars(Peeled, Bright Bars), Pig Iron, Steel etc.

DUCTILE IRON PIPE:- Work releted with Spectrometer chemical analysis of hot metal 
Coin sample analysis of MBF/Before DS/IF/MgTretment/CCM and Scrap,Core & Finishing Sand analysis.
Microscopic analysis,Tensile testing(Elongation,yield,prooftest,hardness,etc.),Surface/temp./other online production inspection.Concept of IS/ISO/Third party inspection.

Visiting the clients

System of TMT

2000 to 2005


1. Have experience in meeting and assuring quality as per the customer requirement
2. Have experience in handling and attending customer complaints
3. Practical experience in Process Quality, like i) Q.C & P.P.C ii) Processing work iii) ISO 9001: 2000 System of TMT: TOR: TISCON, Bright & Black Steel Bars etc.
4. Guiding the Company in Marketing & Business Development Planning's.
5. Responding in all official duties which are related with my job & reported to Senior Person of the company or the management.
6. Visiting the clients / customer (allover India or aboard) for market research, development, enquiry for increasing the sales volume.
7. Assisting the company by solving technical problems between lower and upper management of the Industry. Because there have so many conversation gap between top level official management and Industry soft floor level management. I seems to be a fittest person on the same field.
8. Participated meeting and assuring advertisement & publicity as per the company requirement for guiding the organization for better expectation. Finally responsible decision should be taken by the Top level Management.

ALL OVER EXPERIENCE: - Approximately 17 +Years.





EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: - Good Cricket & Football Player Participated in “ Thumsup Cricket Tournament”. “Radharani Cup Football Tournament” of S.E.Rly. * Interested on Film Making. Junior Diploma in Painting: Passed with 1st Division under Bangiya Sangeet Parishad. And have some good business development idea and looking suitable position for business development manager.


 LANGUAGES KNOWN : - Bengali, Hindi and English.

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June 2013 Crude Steel Production
  • 22.07.2013
  • Brussels

Brussels, 22 July 2013 - World crude steel production for the 64 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (worldsteel) was 132 million tonnes (Mt) in June 2013, an increase of 1.9% compared to June 2012.

World crude steel production in the first six months of 2013 was 789.8 Mt, an increase of 2.0% compared to the same period of 2012. Asia showed an increase of 5.5% while other regions recorded negative growth in the first half of 2013. The EU 27 produced -5.1% less and North and South America produced -5.8% and -4.6% less respectively. The C.I.S. region showed a decrease of -3.0%.

China’s crude steel production for June 2013 was 64.7 Mt, up by 4.6% compared to June 2012. Elsewhere in Asia, Japan produced 9.3Mt of crude steel in June 2013, an increase of 0.9% compared to the same month last year. South Korea’s crude steel production was 5.5 Mt in June 2013, down by -5.4% on June 2012.

In the EU, Germany produced 3.7 Mt of crude steel in June 2013, a decrease of -2.2% compared to June 2012. Italy’s crude steel production was 2.2 Mt, down by -10.3% on June 2012. France produced 1.4 Mt of crude steel in June 2013, up by 2.8% on June 2012.

Turkey’s crude steel production for June 2013 was 3.0 Mt, a slight increase of 0.5% compared to June 2012.

In June 2013, Russia produced 5.7 Mt of crude steel, a decrease of -0.8% compared to the same month last year. Ukraine’s crude steel production for June 2013 was 3.1 Mt, 7.8% higher than June 2012.

The US produced 7.2 Mt of crude steel in June 2013, down by -0.2% on June 2012.

In June 2013, Brazil produced 2.8 Mt of crude steel production, an increase of 2.7% compared to June 2012.

The crude steel capacity utilisation ratio for the 64 countries in June 2013 declined slightly to 79.2% from 79.6% in May 2013. Compared to June 2012, it is -1.5 percentage points lower.

Notes to Editors:

  • The World Steel Association (worldsteel) is one of the largest and most dynamic industry associations in the world. worldsteel represents approximately 170 steel producers (including 17 of the world's 20 largest steel companies), national and regional steel industry associations, and steel research institutes. worldsteel members represent around 85% of world steel production.
  • The monthly crude steel capacity utilisation ratio is calculated based on crude steel production and capacity information available at worldsteel. The capacity information is based on publicly-available data, updated twice a year and verified through worldsteel’s membership.
  • Megatonne (Mt) is a metric unit equivalent to 1 million tonnes.

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